Smoking cigarette in handcuffs 37

  • Dauer: 9:46
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  • Datum: 18.12.2020
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  • Darsteller: bondageangel

I like to provoke my husband with my, especially by my leather, clothes. When I dress in leather, my husband automatically calls me „Mistress“ or „leather Lady“ and I like that. Yesterday (November 21, 2020) I dressed on something nice for the public again. I chose a combination of cinnamon leather leggings and gloves with an elegant short bl*ck coat and overknee boots on steel heels. I aroused a big commotion in public and my husband was rightly proud of me. On the way back from the city, it occurred to me that I could make a video in this outfit. The husband enthusiastically agreed, so here is a video, this time on the topic of smoking in leather gloves and handcuffs. I light a cigarette and smoke in the car in the driver’s seat. Wouldn’t it be better to smoke with leather gloves? Of course yes! That’s why I putting on short cinnamon leather gloves. My husband is excited to see me smoking in leather gloves. These leather gloves are like new, they smell wonderful and make exciting creaking noises when I move my fingers in them. I continue to smoke a cigarette and enjoy my husband’s admiring glances. Now I’m going to use another little thing that I really like and that is handc…



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